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Zinc acetylacetonate (ZAA)


Product Name: Zinc Acetylacetonate

Chemical Name: Zinc 2,4-pentanedione

CAS No.: 14024-63-6 EC # 237-860-3

Molecular Weight: 263.59
Molecular Formula: C10H14ZnO4
Structural Formula: 


Used as heat stabilizer for hard PVC and other halogenated polymers. Have synergistic effect with dibenzoyl methane and stearoyl benzoyl methane





White crystalline powder

Zinc content,%


Melting point, °C


Loss on heating, %


Particle size, μm

According to customer requirements

Packaging: 25 kg paper bag

Risks and Safety Info

Safe for air, sea and land transportation. For more information, please see MSDS

Industry knowledge:
Zinc acetylacetonate (ZAA) is a stabilized zinc-based additive that can be used in plastics such as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyolefin resins to help increase their durability, toughness and heat resistance; this allows for greater flexibility and a lighter product.
Zinc acetylacetonate (ZAA) is a yellow crystalline powder and is an excellent addition to PVC resin systems. It enhances the mechanical properties, toughness and thermal/light stability of PVC compounds. This product can be used to stabilise PVC at lower temperature than conventional zinc additives.This stabilizer is good to improve the mechanical property and processability of PVC resin, especially for heat-shaped products.