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Calcium acetyl acetonate (CAA)


Product Name: Calcium Acetylacetonate Chemical Name: 2,4-pentanedione Calcium CAS No.: 19372-44-2 EC # 243-001-3

Molecular Weight: 238.29

Molecular Formula: C10H14CaO4

Structural Formula:


Used as heat stabilizer for hard PVC and other halogenated

polymers. Have synergistic effect with dibenzoyl methane and stearoyl benzoyl methane





White crystalline powder

Total effective content,%

98.0 min

Calcium content,%


Melting point, °C


Loss on heating, %(120 °C)

1.0 max.

Bulk density, g/ml


Packaging: 25 kg paper bag, 500kg/super sack

Risks and Safety Info
Safe for air, sea and land transportation. For more information, please see MSDS

Industry knowledge:
Calcium acetylacetonate (CAA) is an effective, environmentally compatible stabilizer additive for PVC. CAA inhibits the degradation of PVC in aqueous medium, making it suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical processes.
CAA is an extremely versatile additive and functions by inhibiting chain propagation reactions and deactivating free radicals, preventing oxidative degradation that would otherwise lead to decomposition of the PVC resin and eventually shorten product lifetime.
Calcium acetylacetonate (CAA) is the only metal salt of acetoacetic ester currently in widespread use as a PVC stabilizer. In general, CAA stabilizers are electrostatic in nature and tend to be active over a wide pH range. This produces dramatic benefits for end-users’ PVC formulations.