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Modified uracil (MU)


Product Name: modified uracil


1、the ability of inhibiting coloring is strong and has superior initial whiteness.

2、good dynamic stability and static stability, the effect of long-term stability is obvious.

3、It has good dispersion and anti-analysis,and has the effect of light stability to improve the effect of outdoor use of the product.

4、The reaction with calcium stearate has a synergistic effect.

5、PVC mixture can be given good uniform plasticizing and high speed melt fluidity,so that the prodrct has good physical properties and surface finish.

6、Recommended dosage:Extrusion Ca-Zn stabilizer:2-10%, injection Ca-Zn stabilizer:3-15%





light yellow powder



Loss on heating, %(105°C)


Sieve residue

50 Mesh

Packaging: Storage: In a cool,dry place,keep in dark.

Warranty period:two years

Packing:25KG composite bag or according to customer requirements

Risks and Safety Info
Safe for air, sea and land transportation. For more information, please see MSDS

Industry knowledge:
Modified uracil (MU) is a low-molecular weight polyamide resin used as a PVC stabilizer additive. It can be used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) stabilizers, polyacetals and polyurethanes, crosslinking agents of polymers and polymeric products, binders for phenolic resins, block and graft copolymers of vinyl ether.To apply this modified uracil stabilizer into PVC as an additive, which can help to improve the performance of vinyl chloride resin by slowing down the decomposition rate.
Modified uracil (MU) PVC stabilizer, a new kind of modified polymer chain structure, can improve the PVC raw material stability, resulting in the production of cable products with good weatherability, ageing resistance and maintenance flexibility.