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Stearoyl benzoylmethane (SBM)


Product Name: Stearoylbenzoyl Methane

CAS No.: 58446-52-9 EC # 261-257-4

Molecular Weight:386.61

Molecular Formula: C26H42O2

Structural Formula: --


Used as heat stabilizer for PVC and other halogenated polymers. Have synergistic effect with Zinc stearate.





Slightly white fine powder

Total effective content,%(GC)

98.0 min

Melting point, °C


Loss on heating, %(1105 °C)

0.5 max.

Ash Content


Packaging: 25 kg paper bag.

Risks and Safety Info
Safe for air, sea and land transportation. For more information, please see MSDS

Industry knowledge:
Stearoylbenzoylmethane (SBM) PVC stabilizer is a formaldehyde-based polymer used in PVC to prevent degradation.
Stearoylbenzoylmethane (SBM) is a type of plasticizer and stabilizer that is used in producing most flexible vinyl plastics. SBM is an efficient UV stabilizer, lubricant and antioxidant, which makes it an excellent additive for CDs, DVDs and other products requiring protection from the sun’s rays.
This additive is more effective than other stabilizers in preventing PVC degradation. Its excellent stability in normal ambient temperature makes it suitable for baby powder, cleaners, cosmetics and adhesives applications.