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Dibenzoylmethane (DBM)


Product Name: Dibenzoyl methane

CAS No.: 120-46-7 EC # 204-398-9

Molecular Weight: 224.25

Molecular Formula: C15H12O2

Structural Formula:


Used as heat stabilizer for PVC and other halogenated polymers. Have synergistic effect with Zinc stearate.





Slight yellowish crystalline powder

Total effective content,%(GC)

99.0 min

Melting point, °C


Loss on heating, %(120 °C)

0.5 max.

Ash Content


Packaging: 25 kg paper bag.

Risks and Safety Info
Safe for air, sea and land transportation. For more information, please see MSDS

Industry knowledge:
Dibenzoylmethane (DBM) is a simple, medium-boiling-point monobasic aromatic polyamine which is used as an additive in PVC resin to improve heat resistance and stability.
Dibenzoylmethane (DBM) PVC stabilizer additive is manufactured as a white powder which can be labeled as DBMM. The main function of DBM is to stabilize the PVC against degradation caused by light or heat.
Dibenzoylmethane is a white powder with a characteristic odor, has good chemical stability and is safe to the environment. It has the function of stabilizing PVC, PVA and other plastics. It can also be used as an initiator and accelerator in various other chemical industries.