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PVC liquid barium-zinc stabilizer HT-7802

Product Applications:

HT7802 is an environmentally friendly liquid compound heat stabilizer, mainly applicable to the processing of various types of environmentally friendly soft and semi-soft PVC products, especially suitable for use in calendered products such as advertising films, toy films, high-grade artificial leather, electrical films, etc.

Technical parameters:








Orange-red transparent liquid


Acid value








Static thermal stability time



Application Features:

It has good initial coloring and long-term thermal stability with good color retention ability. Compared with HT7803, it has better heat resistance, reasonable self-slip, light precipitation and good resistance to vulcanization pollution. The products with this stabilizer have good hand feeling, good printing and hot lamination effect. It will produce obvious synergistic effect when shared with phosphite and epoxy compounds. And it can also be used with powder barium zinc.


Hygienic performance can meet the requirements of RoHS directive and EN-71 standard.

Packaging, storage and transportation:
The product is packed in plastic drums (200kg net weight per drum), galvanized iron drums (200kg net weight per drum) or plastic collective drums (1000kg net weight per drum). It cannot be in contact with water and is recommended to be stored in a dry, ventilated and light-proof warehouse. The shelf life is one year from the date of production.
Industry knowledge:
Our PVC liquid barium zinc stabilizer is an inorganic agent used in PVC compounds to improve processability and strengthen the polymer.
PVC liquid barium zinc stabilizer is the main cross-linking agent in PVC resin and master batch. Due to its excellent thermal stability, good dispersibility and proper molecular structure, it can lead to good mechanical property at a high temperature, low cost and many benefits for end product.
Barium zinc oxide is immiscible with PVC matrix, therefore it precipitate in a dispersion form. This stabilizer significantly improves physical properties (tensile strength, elongation at break and impact strength) while maintaining easy processing characteristics.